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A while later Nygus opened the infirmary doors and smiled to the three worried girls outside the room, while they all looked to her with dread in their eyes, thinking the worst was happening to Kid.
“H-how is he?” Maka asked nervously, as tears were still running down her cheeks, and she was still shaking a bit.
“He’s stable, and he’s calmed down A LOT now,” Nygus explained.
“Can we see him?” Liz asked as the three girls all sighed in relief.
“Yes of course,” Nygus answered with a nod to the three girls, as she stood aside as the girls made their way back into the infirmary.
The three looked to the Reaper, and all gasped as they saw him hooked up to a life support machine, and he was also put on a drip that was keeping his body hydrated. Silence fell on the room as the only sounds the three girls could hear were the young Reaper’s heavy breathing (as well as theirs) and the slow ‘Beep’ of the life support machine.
Maka walked over to Kid and smiled as she could sense that his soul had settled down now, and she could see that the Reaper was sleeping peacefully, “You two should keep an eye on him,” Maka told Liz and Patty as the weapons walked up to the Scythe Meister and stood beside her.
“Where are you going Maka-chan?” Patty asked as the two sisters looked to Maka with confused looks.
“I need to go and tell Lord Death about all this,” Maka answered.
“Are you sure?” Liz asked.
“Yes, it’s about time that he knew about ‘her’ being back again,” Maka replied with a nod.
“Okay we’ll make sure Kiddo is safe, right sis?” Patty asked in her usual cheery voice.
“Yeah, of course,” Liz agreed with a nod to Maka.
“Good,” Maka smiled to the sisters, before she looked back to Kid again, “I’ll be back soon Kid,” She whispered to Kid, before she leaned down and pecked him on the forehead, “I’m counting on you two k?” Maka said as she headed for the door, before waving to the sisters and Nygus and then leaving the infirmary, as Nygus shut the door behind the Scythe Meister and stared to quickly check Kid over.
“Okay was that weird, or was it just me?” Liz asked her younger sister.
“I don’t know, maybe you were right sis, maybe something did happen between them this morning,” Patty replied with a smile to her older sister, before the two girls looked to their Meister and smiled at the sight of him just sleeping soundly.
Meanwhile Maka had made her way to the Death room as she was ready to finally tell Lord Death about Medusa. She walked up to the center of the room and stopped when she saw the Grim Reaper and her Father talking about something.
“Maka what are you doing here?” Spirit asked as he noticed his daughter standing across the room from Lord Death and him.
“I have something to tell Lord Death,” Maka answered with determination in her eyes, and a serious look on her face.
“What is it Maka my dear?” Lord Death asked in his usual cheery voice as he now looked to the young Scythe Meister.
“Medusa’s back,” Maka replied after she took a deep breath.
“I know,”
“Y-you do?” Maka asked with a surprised look on her face.
“Yeah me too,” Spirit chimed in while Lord Death just nodded to the young girl.
“H-how?” Maka asked, clearly all too surprised by this.
“Well she was just here,” Lord Death answered.
“WHAT?!? WHY?!?” Maka asked in a raised voice.
“She apparently wanted to talk to me about something,”
“What?” Maka asked seeming to be a little calmer now.
“Whether she can leave here along with her son and Professor Stein,” Lord Death replied.
“Why Professor Stein?”
“I’m not too sure actually,”
Maka paused as she thought for a moment, “Where is she now?” She asked.
“She’s locked up in Crona’s old cell, below the school,”
“Thank you, I’ll be going now,” Maka said with a nod before she turned to leave.
“Wait Maka!” Lord Death spoke up again as he stopped Maka in her tracks, “How’s Kid?” The Reaper asked in a concerned voice.
“He’s sleeping peacefully in the infirmary with his weapons and Nygus keeping a close on him, Medusa put a shock spell on his soul, but he seems to be copying with it okay,” Maka explained with a smile as she turned to the Reaper.
“And are you better now?”
“Yes Kid’s healing has kicked in now and I don’t feel any pain anymore, but the bruise may take a while to fade,” Maka replied.
“Thank you Maka,” Lord Death smiled slightly to the Scythe Meister (even though it couldn’t be seen from behind his mask).
“Wait did that witch hurt you too Maka?” Spirit asked in a surprise voice.
“I’ll tell you about it later Papa,” Maka smiled to her Dad, before she turned and left the Death room, and was ready to go and confront the snake witch below the D.W.M.A.
Maka had soon walked down to Crona’s old cell below the D.W.M.A, ‘She’s here, I can sense it’ The young Scythe Meister thought, as she could clearly sense Medusa’s soul as she stood at the cell door and took a deep breath, ‘Well here’s goes nothing’ She thought with a slight sigh, before she knocked on the cell door.
“Come in, that door isn’t locked,” Maka heard the snake witch from inside the cell call to her.
Maka pushed open the cell door and shut it behind her, as she looked to the snake witch, who was sitting slouched on her son’s old bed looking to the closed window to her right.
“I…” Maka paused as she could feel herself becoming nervous, as she thought about the last time she and Medusa were alone together.
“Maka? Why what are you doing here?” Medusa asked as she looked to the Scythe Meister with a slight smirk playing on her lips.
“I-I came here after hearing from Lord Death that you were down here,” Maka answered nervously.
“I see. And how’s Reaper junior?” Medusa asked with her eyes cast down now.
“He’s asleep, you gave his soul quite the shock,” Maka replied as she folded her arms over her chest.
“Well I knew if I messed around with him a little, the Reaper would listen to me for sure,” Medusa stated.
“So that’s why you did it? Why did you threaten me if you were going to hurt him anyway?” Maka asked.
Medusa didn’t answer as she just looked back to the window to her right again.
“Why did you attack me though?”
“Because you were becoming troublesome, and I couldn’t have you ruining my plan with finding me out and then telling everyone. And I can see that you’re better now,” Medusa explained as she glanced back to Maka.
“Yeah Kid healed me…So I imagine this ‘plan’ you’re talking about is the fact that you want to leave here along with Crona and Professor Stein right?” Maka asked.
Medusa just nodded slightly to the Scythe Meister.
“Okay I can easily guess why you’re taking Crona, but why Professor Stein?” Maka asked as she walked over to the bed, and sat on the edge of it.
“Because I’ve realized that I simply can’t leave here without him, he’s the only man I could ever really love,” Medusa answered.
“Love?” Maka questioned in a bit of a surprised voice.
“Yes. I love Stein,” Medusa stated as she now looked Maka right in the eyes and smiled to her slightly.
“But are you sure that they want to come with you?” Maka asked.
“I won’t go into details, but yes,” Medusa replied.
“So where are you going to, exactly?”
“Back to mine and Crona’s old home in the witches’ realm,” Medusa replied before she turned back to the window.
Maka seemed a bit lost in thought for a moment as she looked to Medusa, “Does Crona have a Father?” She asked out of the blue.
“Where did that question come from?” Medusa asked as she turned back to Maka with a surprised look on her face.
“I was just wondering since Crona’s never mentioned it and now you’re both going to leave without him knowing,” Maka stated nervously.
“He was just a man I met at a bar one night. We both were drunk, one thing led to another, and when morning came he was gone. He doesn’t even know Crona exists so he wouldn’t care if I took him away,” Medusa explained.
“Why didn’t you gave Crona up then?” Maka asked.
“I was going to, but when I found out I was pregnant, it turned out that I was too far gone, and when Crona was born I wasn’t able to give him up for adoption because, my family kept pestering me about how he was my problem and that I would have to raise him,” Medusa explained.
“But hasn’t Crona ever asked you about this?” Maka asked after pausing for a moment, as she took all of what Medusa told her in.
“Not really I always told him that he never had a Dad, and with a Mother like me I’d really doubt that he would want a Father like the one he doesn’t know about,” Medusa stated with a slight frown to Maka.
“Medusa…Do you even like Crona?” Maka asked.
“Of course, every Mother loves their child. Even a terrible Mother like me,” Medusa answered with a smile now.
“But didn’t you just stand there while he died in my arms that one time?”
“He died protecting you then, he was foolish to get in the way,” Medusa stated as she bit her lip and turned away from Maka again.
“So does Crona resemble his Dad in any way?” Maka asked after a short awkward silence between the two.
“He’s the spitting image of him, but he does seem to resemble me a lot too,” Medusa thought out loud.
“How? I didn’t think you’d ever be the type to be all anxious and nervous like he always is,” Maka asked.
“No all that is just from his years with Ragnarok, and having to go through all the training with the black blood. Crona’s like me because he likes to be on his own, rather than being around other people, and because when he’s challenged he won’t back down, he’ll face whatever it is head on. However He protected you, and almost lost his life because of it. He’d die to protect the people he loves unlike me,” Medusa explained with a slight smile on her lips, as she thought of her son.
Young mother and witch Medusa was sleeping soundly in her bed after another long day of raising her little toddler that she didn’t even want. When she was suddenly woken up by a small voice calling to her.
“Mother?” A three year old Crona called out to his sleeping mother, as he stood beside his mother’s bed (I reckon that Crona didn’t start calling his mother, ‘Lady Medusa’ until he was a little over four years old, which is the age that I believe that Medusa got interested with black blood and put Ragnarok inside Crona. So right now he just calls her, ‘Mother’).
Medusa sighed as she rolled over and looked to her son, “Crona go back to bed will you?” She groaned as she sat up in her bed, and glared slightly to Crona.
“But I-I can’t…” Crona replied with a slight sob.
“Why not?” Medusa asked.
“I-I don’t like it,” Crona whispered nervously.
Medusa just raised an eye-brow to her son.
“C-can I sleep with you tonight?” Crona asked with begging eyes.
“What’s wrong with your own bed?” Medusa asked in an annoyed voice.
“T-t-there’s…A…A…S-spider in there. I-I don’t like spiders, they’re all hairy and ugly,” Crona explained as he sniffed and wiped his eyes.
Medusa’s eyes widened as she saw her younger self in her young son’s place, “Arachne let her spiders into my room. I don’t like spiders, they crawl all over you, and they’re all hairy and ugly,” Medusa sighed again as she watched her younger self turn back into her three year old son.
“Come here,” Medusa called to Crona as she patted the bed sheets.
“R-really?” Crona asked with hope filled eyes.
“Yeah sure,” Medusa replied.
Crona smiled as he climbed up onto his mother’s bed and sat beside her.
Medusa smiled to her son as she ruffled his bright pink short hair, “Don’t worry Crona I’ll protect you from those ugly spiders,” She whispered.
Crona giggled as he gazed up at his mother, before he smiled back at her, “I love you Mother,” He said as he hugged Medusa.
Medusa just stroked Crona’s hair as the three year old held onto her tightly.
“You know Crona once told me that he still loves you as a mother,” Maka broke the silence that had fallen on the two.
“I put him through years and years of hell as a child, I used him to try and make a Kishin, heck I even almost killed him…And after all that he can still say that he loves a horrible mother like me,” Medusa sighed with a slight smile to the young Scythe Meister.
“He used to be so scared of you. You ruined his life, but you were the one that raised him even though you didn’t want to. You may be a terrible mother Medusa, but Crona loves you, and wouldn’t want you to be like anyone else but yourself. After all you’re his mother, no one else is,” Maka explained with a smile to the snake witch.
“Thank you Maka,” Medusa whispered, before she looked back to the window.
Maka nodded to Medusa before she stood up from the bed, and walked over to the cell door.
“Oh Maka,” Medusa called to Maka as she turned back to the Scythe Meister.
“Yeah?” Maka asked as she stopped and looked back at the snake witch.
“When that Reaper boyfriend of yours wakes up, tell him that I’m sorry for hurting him,” Medusa stated with a smile to Maka.
“I will,” Maka replied with a smile, before she left out the door, as it slammed shut behind her.
Medusa sighed as she looked to the cell door, “That Reaper sure is taking his time to decide,” Medusa thought out loud, before she looked back to the window again.
Subtitle: A Step Forward.
So here's chapter 6 after a little of a wait, sorry about that btw Sweating a little...
I know that this might be a shame to hear but, there will only be about two more chapters of this fic after this one. But I am starting on new fics after I've finished this one, so look forward to them, not all of them are KiMa but most of them are, so be ready my lovely readers I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!11:happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Heart Heart La la la la La la la la La la la la
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Chapter 7:…
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